Our mission is to digitalize the real-estate industry fully

We want to create a hassle-free moving experience for everyone. Our customers are landlords and future tenants. For both we strive to finde the best digital experience possible. 

"We founded Immomio because we wanted to revolutionize the real-estate industry. Everybody knows the long queues in front of their dream apartment, so we thought why not turn it around? Now your dream apartment finds you!"

Nicolas Jacobi, Co-Founder Immomio


We're a small team in the heart of Hamburg, creating a digital service everybody needs in their life. Everyday we learn, create and work towards our common goal. Our departments work closely together. Product, Sales, Marketing, Customer Success - we like to connect and share our ideas.


Pizza, sports, drinks - whatever you like! We like to hang out together sometimes 


Our office is located in the heart of Hamburg. Feel free to create it how you want it!


 Immomio is supporting with your membership at Urban Sports Club


Besides the basics of water, tea and coffee we offer a variety of softdrinks - and beer!

Public Transport

You can come to the office the way you like but we prefer coming by public transport


We have fresh fruits every week as we prefer those to any unhealthy snacks

You got a minute for the team?


Professional Gamer

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Hi, I'm Chibi and I love VR videos for adults and yes, my name is CHIBI



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Hi, I'm Anna and I don't know that my picture is being used #DSGVO



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Hi, I'm Peise and I don't really have any special skills I just act like I do


Watch your mums

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Hi, I'm Raschid and I try to look as sexy as possible on this picture

Are you interested in working with us?

Great! We love to hear from you and get to know you. If you do have any questions you can reach out to our team anytime via kontakt@immomio.de